Friday, February 4, 2011

DIY Diaper inserts

Two days ago, I started using cloth diapers. I bought them months ago from, with big hopes to save money every month. However, I had a weird feeling when they came in.... It felt kinda wrong letting my baby poop on a $12 pair of underwear. I also had a slight fear of what the first poopie diaper would be like. Any ways, the first night in a fuzzibunz diaper, Amelia peed her entire bed...TWICE! I was in disbelief, after all, I knew soo many people that used and loved cloth! Why wasn't it working for me?!?! After a quick consult from my cousin Julie, I learned that more layers were needed. That was all...LOL... just a few more layers to absorb. Why didn't I think of that?!

I looked at a ton of websites for diaper doublers and I was petrified by the prices! I currently have 10 cloth diapers, but I wasn't sure how much money I wanted to put into diaper liners. I did a little research and realized all the supplies could be found around the house or bought for a few bucks. SOo i decided to make my own! I got five 2pks of wash cloths and 6 microfiber hand towels for 11 bucks and some change. I was able to make 12 diaper doublers and have left over supples. Heres what you'll need to do:

Wash your fabrics
cut 6 washcloths and 6 microfiber hand towels in half
sandwiched a piece of washcloth between a cut of the microfiber
& then zig zag around the outer edges 2 times.
Once you snip the loose strings and frayed terry, your doublers are ready to be used!

You can use more layers if you want or switch up the materials used(swap for flannel, cotton, fleece, hemp or wool). You can also add rounded corners for a store bought look(but I don't think your baby will care). If you have pocket diapers, these will work great! If the liners you are making, will be touching the babies skin: you are going to want to add a layer of flannel or fleece to the out sides. I have read many places, that putting micro fiber directly on your babies skin, will dry them out! Two days in, I am completely happy with cloth diapering and wish I would have gave it a shot much earlier. In case you were wondering, the first poopie diaper was incredibly EASY! The pads draw all the moisture away from your baby, so when you flip your diaper upside down over toilet, the poop falls right off(even the squishy yucko poops). I would highly recommend using pocket diapers for potty training... they are much easier then having to scrape poopy underwear! Thank you to all my friends & family that have supported us during our switch! All your advice and encouragement has been much appreciated! Have good day folks and as always, Happy Crafting :)


  1. This is a great idea and very frugal!

  2. just got back from the store and am ready to follow your awesome tutorial! we just started cloth diapering yesterday and i'm super excited to make my own inserts :) thanks!

  3. I'm a soon-to-be-mama, and I'm wondering if you could use these with Flip covers. Would I still need to buy Flip inserts, or could I just buy the covers and use these instead?